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Ladies Night Festival w Dublinie 🔥

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Ladies Night Festival w Dublinie 🔥

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Nov 06, 1:00 PM – Nov 07, 7:00 PM
Dublin 20, Unit 3, Palmerstown Business Park, Lucan Rd Old, Palmerstown Lower, Dublin 20, Ireland

O wydarzeniu

Tantra defines sexual energy as the most powerful creative energy in the world. Thanks to its power, man is created ... and our entire reality!

Date:     October 16-17 

Time: 11.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.    

Place: Palmerstown Business Park. Old Lucan Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 20, Co. Dublin 

Price:     150 Euro

Limit of places: 12 

Event: Tantra Ladies Night 

The workshop will be conducted by Gosia Rutkowska


A deeply transformative weekend that will awaken your sexual energy and allow you to transform old patterns and habits!

We have this power in our bodies but sometimes we forget to use it or for some reason we lose access to it. Upbringing in a sense of guilt and shame, the lack of tender touch and the feeling of being loved and appreciated block its free flow. The time has come for women to return to their power hidden in our wombs.

In tantra, we consciously discover the way to our sexual energy in order to use it to create our life in a unique, fear-free way. Awakened, conscious sexual energy can change our lives. Through deep, conscious contact with our body, with emotions, we can return to ourselves to start Living Life to the full.

We invite you to a beautiful and transforming journey deep into your body, emotions, heart and soul, so that you rediscover the connection with every aspect of yourself, that you awake, live in the flow.

Workshop program:

- conscious contact with the body, with emotions and their expression

- release of blockages at the energy level

- the ritual of joining the Heart and Joni

- discovering and experiencing various aspects of female energy

- a conscious touch that heals

- discovering your shadow and transforming it into your power

- sharing in the space of love and acceptance


- tantric meditations and rituals

- dance

- work with the body and breath

- work with energy and emotions

- women's circle

This workshop is an invitation for women who want to develop as a woman with full potential. Tantra gives us the opportunity to discover and develop our feminine qualities: on a sexual, emotional and spiritual level. This is the path for those who want to start living their full potential. Tantra invites you to recognize your true nature as a human being, as a woman. We will explore the power of our sexual energy which, when awakened, can really open your heart, expand your awareness and lead you straight to your soul.

Gosia Rutkowska

Tantra appeared on my way 10 years ago, when the turmoil in life led me to a workshop for women led by the wonderful teacher Santoshi Amour. It was an amazing transformation for me, a jump into a very deep water and the blossoming of my femininity. After completing the entire course, I decided to explore Tantra more by starting a two-year certified teacher training course at the International Tantra Essence School, led by the internationally recognized master of Tantra, Osho's student - Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

Going further in this direction, I completed a one-year certified tantric massage course in the Czech Republic led by John Hawken. Since then, I have supported my clients on their journey into themselves through healing conscious touch - tantric massage.

I also worked  as a volunteer at the Bliss Festival in Ireland and at the New Year's Angsbacka Festival in Sweden, as well as assisted in tantric massage workshops in Poland. I have completed the Vipassana course. Together with Marta Łyszkiewicz -Toropow, I conducted Tantra workshops combined with work with voice and sound.   I am constantly exploring the topic of femininity, sexuality,  living fully and in harmony with yourself: drawing on various literature: Shakti Mari Malan, Margo Anand, Prem Gitama or the art of shamanism at Francoise Rambaurd workshops, courses and circles  Tantric for Women by Sonia Alicja Bednarek, development courses by Anna Migdał Szałankiewicz and webinars by the clairvoyant Izabela Tredowicz.

By education, I am a social worker and a qualified carer for people with disabilities (mentally and physically). And recently also a certified biomassage and physical condition improvement therapist.  Practicing mindfulness, conscious breathing, dancing, outdoor exercise, walking in the company and alone, flowers in the garden, absorbing books, enjoying the silence and nature ... this is my everyday life ...

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kasia Forest (087 7489 517).

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