Our Mimosa Mask  regeneratesrebuilds  and strengthens, also helps combat rosacea-prone skin and helps protect the skin from future flare-ups. It's a great quick fix, plus the hypoallergenic and fragrance free formula won't irritate sensitive skin or cause  breakouts.



* Kaolin (Pink Clay)

The Pink Clay is very delicate. Perfect for normal and combination skin, but also for couperose and sensitive skin. It has smoothing, tightening and healing properties. Disinfects the skin, absorbs fat, reduces the secretion of sebum, strengthens blood vessels.

* Mimosa tenuiflora bark extrac (Mimosa Extract)

The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in mimosa have a strong antioxidant effect. The ability to fight free radicals means delaying the aging process of the skin, which is why mimosa extract can be found in products intended for mature skin. The beneficial effects are also multiplied by the saponins and tannins contained in it. These compounds show the strong moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of mimosa extract and the ability to strengthen the capillary walls of the skin. Cosmetics with mimosa extract visibly reduce redness and swelling. In addition, they also protect against infections that could arise in the event of possible micro-damage to the delicate skin. For this reason, mimosa is an ideal ingredient in cosmetics for the care of extremely sensitive skin under the eyes. Mimosa extract is also effective in preparations intended for the care of acne-prone and couperose skin. You can also find it in cosmetics for the care of children's sensitive skin.

* Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Powder (Bamboo powder)

Bamboo firms, brightens, refreshes the skin and reduces cellulite. It also stimulates the metabolism. Bamboo extract has an antibacterial effect and protects the skin against bacteria and fungi.

* Hedychium spicatum root powder (Ginger lily)

Ginger lily has antiseptic properties and a pleasant fragrance. It is an aromatic grass with antiseptic and cooling properties. It is used to treat acne, rashes and ulcers.

* Iris florentina root powder (Iris powder)

Iris extract improves the color of our skin and maintains a youthful appearance, improves the complexion and fights wrinkles. In addition, iris isoflavones inhibit the growth of microorganisms and reduce the harmful effects of excess ultraviolet, free radicals, heavy metals and other environmental factors. They stimulate cell division and anabolic processes. Like cytokinins, they have a positive effect on the quality of collagen and elastin. They show strong antioxidant properties and neutralize free radicals. Isoflavonoids also have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on skin cells.


SIMPLÍ botanicals Mimosa Face Mask

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