good  health  Package  -  Package Price – 70 EUR ! 

Consultation with a certified Nutrition and Health Coach

Consultations offered by Katarzyny Czekaj  (KasiaNutriCoach) with diploma from the Irish Institute of Nutrition &Health.

Nutrition and Health Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their diet as well as physical and emotional wellbeing. However, It is highly recommended for people with chronic digestive system issues, with allergies, skin problems, metabolic syndromes like insulin resistance, autoimmune diseases, excess weight, law energy, reoccurring seasonal infections. Such consultations are highly beneficial for pregnant women and new mums who want to learn how to create a healthy diet for themselves and their babies and how to nourish themselves if they breastfeed.


The package includes:

The first consultation lasting 90 minutes at the price of EUR 45.
During the consultation, I will discuss with the client a food diary previously done by the
client for 10-14 days and the state of health at present and in the past, including: eating
habits, resistance to seasonal infections, possible allergies, physical activity, stress levels,
health conditions/tendencies run in the family.

Finally, I will discuss and agree with the client his/her dietary and health recommendations
for the following weeks and set a date of the next consultation. The recommendations will
be adapted to the client’s circumstances defined by time/budget, etc.

The first visit will be summarized in an email to the client including all recommendations
and suggestions as well as example recipes and sources of additional info on how to keep up
one’s motivation for positive health changes.

The second (follow-up) consultation about 3-4 weeks later lasting 60 min at the price of 25 EUR.
During the second meeting, I will discuss with the client the progress and challenges that
the client has faced in implementing the recommendations. That will help me to modify and
adapt the recommendations to the needs of the client and to the results achieved and

observations made by the client during 3-4 weeks after the first visit. The visit will be
summarized in an email to the client.

For the above two sessions, the fee is EUR 70 in advance at the first meeting.
Each subsequent coaching session will have guaranteed prices:
EUR 15 for 30 min
EUR 30 for 60 min

depending on the client's needs such as the results achieved, the degree of support required
in implementing the recommendations and the difficulties encountered by the client. Each
visit will be summed up in an e-mail to the client.




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